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Let’s say you’ve got a thing about bubbles.  That every time the soapy discharge plops off the end of your wand in fat, rainbow-tinged bubbles, you get this inescapable feeling that this is why you’re here.  Making bubbles is exactly what nature has intended you to do.  Now, let’s say someone is willing to give you FREE room and board to enable you to blow your bubbles both day and night?  How awesome would that be?

Well, that’s similar to the experience of the artists living at the University of Texas at Dallas’ Centraltrak. It’s only “similar” because Bubble Lover’s free room would most likely be padded while Centraltrak is a bona fide art gallery that just happens to include cosy beds and kitchenettes.

Centraltrak, named for the pre-Deep Ellum moniker of the Fair Park area, is a multi-purpose arts facility containing four lofts and eight studios. The four lofts house three national/international artists and one Texas artist selected by a committee made up of jurors from U.T. Dallas and the Dallas Museum of Art. These artists are the real deal--bohemians, even--and gave the fourth installment of our “Figaro in Flip-Flops” Pre-Season Event Series (a lecture on La boheme ) a special sense of truthfulness.

What most people appreciate about Dr. Stephen Dubberly’s lectures is that each one is a mix of presentation, conversation and “off on a tangent but equally interesting” ramblings.  At the beginning of each, Dr. Dubberly tells us not to expect an educational sermon, but rather, an ongoing exchange of questions and answers.  He’s very aware of his audience and makes every effort not to patronize The Dallas Opera’s highly informed fan base.  So, when he compared the bohemians of La bohème to the hippies of the 60’s and 70’s, it was assumed that we were already familiar with that kind of freedom--and most of us were--whether or not we ever tie-dyed our jeans.

Join us for Dr. Dubberly’s final “High Flying Lecture” about The Italian Girl in Algiers next month on Wednesday, October 22 at 6:30 PM.

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