“Smile, when you call me that.”

by Suzanne Calvin

I have to say, we got a huge laugh yesterday out of “New York” magazine’s short-but-sweet take on The Dallas Opera luring our new general director, “lovable” George Steel, away from Gotham City.

“Damn you, Texas” it reads, with stereotypical cowpoke graphics (Where is Randolph Scott when we need him?).

KERA’s Jerome Weeks, principal arts writer for the new KERA “Art and Seek Initiative,” pondered the same page and probably laughed, too.  Though not hard enough to prevent him from sinking his incisors into The Big Apple—right where it hurts.

New Yorkers should take some consolation in the fact that no one ever actually died of wounded vanity.  Or bites from out-of-town-critics.

Suzanne Calvin, Assoc. Dir. of Marketing, The Dallas Opera

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