Dubberly and Jorg – A very good combination

by tdoadmin

It was a bit soggy on the way to Jorg’s Cafe Vienna on Tuesday evening as everyone gathered for what was called “A Lecture and a Schnitzel.” But you would not have known it once you got inside Jorg’s in downtown Plano. Everyone had an Austrian beer in front of them and the conversation filled the entire restaurant.

As part of the Figaro in Flip-Flops Event Series, Dr. Stephen Dubberly gave a lecture on DIE FLEDERMAUS while everyone enjoyed a very authentic and totally amazing meal. To say that I left that night full is almost an understatement. The apple strudel definitely topped off the meal. But everyone left with more than their stomach full. We all left with new knowledge and appreciation for the opera. I know I can’t wait to see and hear Strauss’ use of the waltz in December.

Jennifer Schuder, Dir of MKT

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