The Man Behind the Flip-Flop

by christian.anderson

Throughout the course of the events last week, I was asked countless time about “the guy on the banner.” The picture of the dashing gentleman on the Figaro in Flip-Flops campaign is Michael Todd Simpson (or Todd, as we call him.)

Todd will be in the upcoming TDO production of THE MARRIAGE OF FIGARO portraying Count Almaviva. But you have seen him in Dallas before. He was the sexy Silvio in PAGLIACCI in 2005 and the Herald in LOHENGRIN in 2007. And most recently, if you made it to the Fort Worth’s Festival and and their production of LUCIA DI LAMMERMOOR, Todd played Enrico.

If you want to learn more about Todd, visit his website.

Jennifer Schuder, Director of MKT

One Response to The Man Behind the Flip-Flop

Nessuno says: June 26, 2008 at 3:18 pm

My father came to an interview for a position at the Dallas opera years ago, the issue was fledgling attendance and he suggested a program for young people to be invited to the opera in flip flops. He was not hired but you sure are using his idea. How about you give credit where it’s due?