What Matters Most

by Suzanne Calvin

There’s a fascinating new survey conducted by the Gallup Organization for the Atlanta Opera that says, in essence, we opera-types don’t really understand what drives our customers to make that all-important ticket purchase.   Here are some of the more interesting/controversial findings:

Current and former subscribers (in Atlanta, remember) say that it doesn’t much matter to them whether the opera venue is located downtown or outside the central district.   What clearly matters is the length of the drive, from start to finish.

Easy access to good food and drink, however, is extremely important to those surveyed.   An abundance of nearby restaurants is considered a huge plus in promoting ticket sales.

And — most controversial of all — expensive international singing stars aren’t a draw for most subscribers and former subscribers.   Even those with big names aren’t recognized or considered particularly influential in prompting a ticket purchase.

So, my question to everyone out there is:  What matters most to you, as a patron of The Dallas Opera?  You must have your own internal list of what you want out of your Dallas Opera experience (and what you are eager to avoid), please share it.   And I’d love to hear your reactions to the Gallup findings, too.

Suzanne Calvin, Assoc. Dir. of Marketing, The Dallas Opera

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