Daily Archives: July 23, 2007

The Indomitable Mr. Pell

by Suzanne Calvin

Anybody who swings by The Dallas Opera offices needs to take a second to walk past Jonathan Pell’s office.  Our longtime director of artistic administration, sitting behind his desk loaded with snow globes from several continents, looks rather different these days. No, the same obsessive-compulsive organizational skills are in evidence.   The same penchant for […]

Boom Days

by Suzanne Calvin

American.com, an online magazine of ideas, points out that the United States now has a total of 125 going opera companies, which is more than either Italy (twice as many, in fact) or Germany. Furthermore, “roughly as many Americans attend live opera performances as attend NFL football games.” The National Endowment for the Arts found […]

What Matters Most

by Suzanne Calvin

There’s a fascinating new survey conducted by the Gallup Organization for the Atlanta Opera that says, in essence, we opera-types don’t really understand what drives our customers to make that all-important ticket purchase.   Here are some of the more interesting/controversial findings: Current and former subscribers (in Atlanta, remember) say that it doesn’t much matter […]