Daily Archives: July 10, 2007

The Fine Print

by Suzanne Calvin

Before you leap, feet-first, please read the fine print (a.k.a. The Dallas Opera blog Comments Policy): The Dallas Opera blog is designed to give staff, patrons, opera-lovers, and the opera-curious a lively forum for the exchange of ideas. Your supportive or dissenting thoughts, comments, opinions and exchanges are encouraged; however, please express yourself in a […]

Launching the blog

by Suzanne Calvin

Gee…This is one of those moments in Dallas Opera history. Not one of those sublime moments like the pairing of Ruth Ann Swenson and Ewa Podles in Rodelinda, or, one of those make-your-heart-dance-in-your-chest moments like the playful interaction between Vivica Genaux, Giorgio Caoduro and Donato DiStefano in last season’s The Barber of Seville. Neither is […]