Composing Conversations

Composing Conversations is an ongoing discussions series featuring some of the most noteworthy international composers. TDO believes in bringing their talents to Dallas whenever possible. Composing Conversations is designed to showcase all types of opera composers, from grand opera to chamber. This series will not only introduce you to some of these great talents, but hopefully ignite your interest in new operatic works.

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    Wednesday, January 14th

    Dallas Opera Perspectives presents Gene Scheer with Beck Weathers

    Join The Dallas Opera for an extraordinary conversation between Dr. Beck Weathers and librettist Gene Scheer of EVEREST about one of the deadliest days in the mountain’s history.

    Eight people died near the summit of the world’s highest peak within one 24-hour period in May of 1996. Weathers managed to survive some of the harshest weather on the planet and make his way back to camp, despite severe frostbite, after having been left for dead.
    Their intimate conversation about the harrowing experience (as well as its aftermath) informs the latest installment of our ongoing series “Dallas Opera Perspectives.”

    Why settle for second and third-person narratives when you can hear the whole story for yourself? A unique perspective available to a select few who seize this opportunity to encounter history.

    Venue to be announced soon.

    Time 6:30pm

    Where Venue to be announced soon

    Cost FREE with RSVP, Seating is extremely limited. Once full, a wait list will begin.