Adult Programs

Opera brings together all the great arts forms — music, theater and dance. There is a lot happening on the stage and even more ways to enjoy your opera-going experience. TDO offers a variety of programs, from lectures and discussions to informal happy hours, all designed to help you maximize your understanding of opera. We hope you will join us for an upcoming event. See the TDO calendar for a complete listing of all events.

Lectures & Discussions

TDO offers more than one way to look at each opera. Whether you’d like to listen to a formal lecture about a composer and the history of an opera, or join in a lively discussion on social issues portrayed in a particular opera, TDO has an event for you.

Pre-Opera Talks

Join us for the Joy and Ronald Mankoff Pre-Opera Talks one hour before each TDO performance. These 30-minute lectures are FREE with a ticket to a TDO performance. Beat the traffic and enjoy a beverage while you learn about the opera you’re about to see.

Opera Insights

Hear directly from the cast and artistic teams of each opera at Opera Insights.

Composing Conversations

Join TDO as they present noteworthy composers as part of the ongoing Composing Conversations series.

Conversations with Keith

Hear from national and local experts as they discuss a variety of arts related issues at Conversations with Keith, featuring TDO General Director Keith Cerny and moderated by D Magazine Arts Editor Peter Simek.


TDO believes that learning about opera can be fun! And not all learning is done in a formal setting. That’s why TDO has two social event series that focus on contextual aspects of the operas — the historical background, the cultural setting of the opera, the cultural context of the composer/librettist, or the social issues surrounding the opera itself.

Baritones & Beachballs

Our Summer Event Series, Baritones & Beachballs, comprises movie screenings, food and wine tastings, and much more!


Our amici@theopera social events explore the context of an opera through food and wine, dance classes and much more.


Bring your kids
to the opera with our
Family Programming!

Upcoming Events
  • Mon 11/30 Tomorrow!
    Day 8 of 12 Days of Kindness Support Dallas Animal Services

  • Tue 12/1 2 days!
    Day 9 of 12 Days of Kindness Coat and Sock Drive to benefit Crossroads Community Services

  • Wed 12/2 3 days!
    Day 10 of 12 Days of Kindness Caroling at CC Young Senior Living - Senior Care Center

  • Thu 12/3 3:00pm 4 days!
    Day 11 of 12 Days of Kindness For the Love of the Lake

  • Fri 12/4 5 days!
    Day 12 of 12 Days of Kindness Toy Drive to Benefit Toys for Tots

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    Fri 12/4 7:30pm 5 days!
    Becoming Santa Claus - World Premiere - Opening Night

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    Sat 12/5 6 days!
    Bastien and Bastienne - Family performance

    • 12:30pm Lobby Activities
    • 2:00pm Performance

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    Sat 12/5 7:30pm 6 days!
    Linda and Mitch Hart Institute for Women Conductors Performance

For a complete listing, see our Events Calendar.