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Like many Americans, we’re sure you’ve often asked yourself, “Do I have the right stuff to be a supernumerary?” But for those few who may not understand the term, allow us to explain.

A supernumerary (a term in use since the 16th century which has its roots in the Roman Empire’s word for soldiers added to bring the ranks back up to strength following losses in battle) is a non-speaking, non-singing, modestly paid extra — particularly vital in all those spectacular opera crowd scenes. Supernumeraries, or “Supers” as they are commonly known, are full participants in the action onstage and lend energy and power to the productions in which they appear. They act alongside some of the finest singers in the world today and interact with some of our most famous stars, helping them to give their very best performances.

Supernumeraries are usually non-professionals with an interest in acting, whether comedy or drama, and a love of music and theater. Becoming a super not only allows you to don wigs and costumes in a grown-up version of “playing dress-up,” it puts you onstage in the heart of the action where you bring your character to life for an audience of your family, friends, co-workers and peers.

Becoming a Super broadens your horizons by showing you the inner workings of creating onstage performances, as well as the backstage laughs. But it’s not all fun and games. A supernumerary must be alert to the directions of stage managers and choreographers, attentive to detail, patient while waiting in the wings, and punctual for each and every rehearsal or performance call.

In short, it requires a special someone who can rise to the occasion and become a real super hero of the opera.

Please fill out the complete form and be advised that even if we do not have a character in an upcoming production that fits your individual profile, we will keep your information on file in order to contact you at a later time about a role more appropriate for you.

We are grateful that today you are taking the first step. And we can’t wait to add our own applause to the standing ovations you are about to receive!

Face it, sitting on the couch watching re-runs night after night will not impress your future grandkids or make you a 21st century stage legend. This, on the other hand, might. Like the now-famous Simon Deonarian, who tumbled off the set during the Metropolitan Opera’s 2002 premiere of Prokofiev’s War and Peace and into opera history (please don’t try this at home).

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If you are interested in becoming a lightwalker for The Dallas Opera, please use the supernumerary form.

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Auditions for these roles are usually held in the fall and/or prior to the beginning of any rehearsal period. To find out about current and upcoming opportunities, please email