Board of Directors

The business of the Opera is managed by the Board of Directors, which is comprised of influential community leaders. They have shown their commitment to the Opera by donating at the major gift level. Subject to the approval of the Nominating Committee, they are invited to become members of the Board. The Board of Directors meets five times annually (three times with the Trustees) to receive reports from the working committees, to vote on the annual budget, and to attend to other matters of governance.

Board of Directors Executive Committee

Board Chair T. Peter Townsend
Immediate Past Chair Kern Wildenthal, M.D., Ph.D.
Vice Chair Joy S. Mankoff
Chair -- Elect Stephen Suellentrop
Vice President – Audit William Blaylock
Vice President -- Development Holly Mayer
Vice President – Nominating Carol Glendenning
Vice President -- Strategic Planning Myra Barker Hull
Vice President – Treasurer Mark R. Flagg
Secretary John T. Cody, Jr.
Officer-at-Large Tom H. McCasland, Jr.
Officer-at-Large Joyce Mitchell
Officer-at-Large James R. Seitz, Jr.
Officer-at-Large Sarah L. Titus
Officer-at-Large Donald Winspear

Board Committee Chairmen and Special Representatives

Chair, The Dallas Opera Foundation Myra Barker Hull
Chair, Real Estate Committee Richard A. Massman
Chair, Education Committee Lynn Mock
President, The Dallas Opera Guild Leilya Sydney Phillips
President, The Women’s Board of the Dallas Opera Monica Cooley

Board of Directors

Alice Bass
William Blaylock
Diane Brierley
Harold M. Brierley
Robert M. Briggs
Tassio Carvalho, Ph.D.
Keith Cerny, Ph.D.
John T. Cody, Jr.
Monica Cooley
Roberto Cortez
Barry W. Cowan
Nicole Dabbert
Arlene Dayton
John W. Dayton
Richard H. Edwards
Ruben E. Esquivel
Nicholas Even
Amy Faulconer
Cindy Feld
Mark R. Flagg
Carol Glendenning
J. Davis Hamlin
Jack Harrod
Linda W. Hart
Myra Barker Hull
Joy S. Mankoff
Richard A. Massman
Holly Mayer
Tom G. Mayer, M.D.
Tom H. McCasland, Jr.
Don J. McDermett, Jr.
Tincy Miller
Joyce Mitchell
Lynn Mock
Nancy A. Nasher
Ginny R. Neal
Martha Peak
Stephen B. L. Penrose
Leilya Sydney Phillips
Michael E. Phillips
Stephen H. Sands
Richard H. Schulze
James R. Seitz, Jr.
Steven Stodghill
Stephen Suellentrop
Sarah L. Titus
T. Peter Townsend
Sandy Tucker
Martin J. Weiland
Kern Wildenthal, M.D., Ph.D.
Marnie Wildenthal
Donald Winspear
Ellen Winspear